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17. The Bluest water EVER | Sailing to Paxos and Corfu | Sailing the Greek Islands

This week we continue our adventures in the Ionian Islands as we head for Paxos and Corfu. We leave Meganisi and need to navigate the Lefkas Canal, this is the second canal we have conquered in weeks (after the Corinth Canal) and we enjoy the challenge. The canal is well signed and the bridge opens on the hour and we are lucky to make it.

The wind is light during our sail towards Paxos, 7 knots and we reach a constant 4 knots boat speed. We are fortunate we are in no rush and are happy to just be sailing. As we approach Paxos, a small bird joins the crew and is happy with the location. Paxos is beautiful, we see the bluest water we have ever seen and we spend days mesmerised and feel fortunate to have the bay to ourselves.

We move further north to Corfu and enjoy the ‘city’ life. Corfu is a vibrant metropolitan city and it’s really nice as a contrast to the Cyclades during winter. The weather continually changes during the week and we spend the days finding different peaceful anchorages. We spend time in Ipsos, Stefanos and Kassiopi on Corfu Island and they are all pleasant anchorages for Kawai. This is the last stop in Greece, as we next head to Croatia. Follow our Journey

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About us:

Our names are Jason and Tracey and we traded our house, cars, business, job and security for freedom, adventure, travel and living simply amongst nature and the seas on our 45 foot Hanse 445 sailing boat, Kawai.

We don’t know exactly where the winds will take us at this stage but over the next year we hope to sail to Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Canary Islands and then across the Atlantic Ocean.

Jase loves making travel videos and we decided to upload to youtube to share our adventure. We really hope you enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment any time to chat or subscribe to follow along 🙂


1. Love for the Ocean

2. Better days, Kevin Anderson feat. Sebastian Forslund

3. The world in my hands

4. Siurana, Beiba

5. Pina Coladas, Las Funas feat. Megan Tibbits

Jason and Tracey
Sailing Kawai


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