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Aegina, Poros & Hydra | 3 Greek Islands in 1 Day Cruise

Welcome on board to get to Aegina, Poros and Hydra islands, all three islands in one day!
Sail with me first to the biggest island on our journey in the Saronic Gulf, Aegina (in Greek: Αίγινα) island. We are going to stroll around the small beautiful harbour city, buy the world famous pistachios and see some cats by the animal protection station.
After a delicious buffet on board, we sail to Greek island-pair called Poros (in Greek: Πόρος). There, we are going to visit the famous landmark of the island, shop some local products from a boutique shop and have a walk around the harbour under the blue sky.
Last, we are going to visit Hydra (in Greek: Ύδρα) island. Hydra port is a picturesque crescent-shaped small harbour town where we are going to relax after a long day. Why? Because since by law, cars and motorcycles are not allowed on this Greek island. Mules, donkeys and water taxis provide public transportation in this island. So, we are walking around to see the breathtaking views and climb up to visit the statue of Andreas Miaoulis, admiral during the Greek War of Independence.
After a whole day on the sea and visiting three Greek islands in one day, it´s time to head back to Athens. But wait, not before we have a quick Greek traditional dance party on the cruise boat.

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