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EUPHORIA 70m Super Yacht

Yacht “Euphoria” Exterior Design Concept by Andrey Gusev.
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EUPHORIA Yacht Design Description

Euphoria is a 70m (230ft) luxurious Super Yacht, which delivers dramatic styling reflecting elegance, motion and grace. The sleek lines and pure shapes of EUPHORIA form a clear outline, which is easily recognizable giving the yacht a radical and unique character.

Her silhouette is deeply inspired by the dolphin’s streamlined shape creating an unmistakable, dynamic and futuristic profile. The upper part of the mast is crowned with a double shark fin.

The graphic theme of the yacht is unique with its exceptional simplicity of the treasures glass house protected by the sculptural hull and sleek superstructure reminding the seashell containing the pearl.

A reverse bow emphasizes the aggressively dynamic character while visually stretching the body. A dynamic rhyme of flowing lines and curves lay over perfectly balanced proportions, which give the yacht a feel of graceful float and motion even when staying still. Strong concave hull feature lines create bold highlights and shadows emphasizing sculptural elegance, appear iridescent in the reflection of the water and sunlight.

Forward of the superstructure is the pilot house covered with a single windscreen to keep the overall profile low and sleek.

The very front-end of the axe bow is the lounge place for individuals looking to escape the outside world for a few moments, with a book and a long drink enjoying fresh breeze and scenery.

Amongst the sculpted hull and sleek superstructure lies slim horizontal upper deck, intersecting the glass cocoon of the main and upper deck windows staying almost unnoticeable in order not to disturb the overall theme simplicity.

Main deck and guest cabins have been designed with floor-to-ceiling window arrangements, allowing their guests to benefit from natural light and create fantastic views and an atrium effect inside.
The architectural approach of using large glass elements creates an exciting conjunction between interior and exterior zones, offering glazing transparency bring light to the various different environments and increasing the perception of space. SInce more and more glass is used in modern architecture, the superyacht industry has to expect the same. The technology allows ovens of the size required bend giant glass panels offering total safety at the sea.

The orientation of the superstructure towards the aft part of the yacht creates a large outdoor living zone, providing comfortable and cozy dining, lounging and sunbathing areas, protected from the wind and the waves and at the same time open to the surrounding environment. When sitting aft, the owner and guests will enjoy a large lounging area looking out over the stern.

Huge open and covered deck areas balance the space for a relaxed and informal lifestyle.The sundeck is characterized by large outside spaces with the open plan arrangement allowing movement and fluidity to the design divided into forward area for a helicopter pad and an ultra relaxing lounge, open bar and party space in the center.

Another visually striking, and, at the same time fabulously functional feature is a 6.5 m long (30sq.m.) transparent swimming-pool located at the aft of the sundeck. The transparent glass side walls and bottom of the pool allows to see through from the deck below while having dinner or relaxing on the sunlounger. It is a unique feeling having a cristal-clean pool just above your head especially when illuminated at night.

With her appearance EUPHORIA aimes to offer an alternative point of view on design in Super Yacht Industry.


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