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Rent a yacht in Greece and cruise with your family

Charter yacht for family sailing vacations – holidays in the Greek islands is an ideal choice in case families with kids search for inexpensive family vacation in Greece but also a unique experience.

In our company, Greek Water Yachts, we offer itineraries in Cyclades Islands Group-Mediterranean-Greece and activities in protected waters, shorter sails plus a wide variety of excellent anchorages and activities to choose from.

That’s why Cyclades it’s a great pick for family sailing holidays for beginners.

Both parents and kids are rewarded by choosing a yacht charter in Greece as the family holidays choice:

Parents: Enjoy a sense of security with a professional crew involved in your kid’s water-based activities. Be amazed at the amount of quality time you gain with your family. With the responsibility for the yacht, itinerary, daily activities, plus meal planning left up to the Captain and crew, you can relax and enjoy each moment with your family but also discover the “real” Cyclades island hopping.
Children: A sailboat charter in Greece with GreekWaterYachts for family yacht cruises in Greece creates a constant source of entertainment because of the island hopping visiting new islands every day. Except of swimming in the crystal clear water your kids are also going to learn sailing, teamwork and discipline on a ship. Together we head for sandy beaches under the hot sun of the Aegean sea. Greek island sailing cruises by Greek Water Yachts


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