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Yachting in Thailand with best friends // Vlog 017

One of the best trips of my life, skippering a yacht around the beautiful Andaman Sea in Thailand with some of my best friends on The Yacht Week – It was so good that I couldn’t fit it all into 1 Vlog and so i’m splitting it into a 3 part series 🙂

Personal links;
Instagram: @maxrmcd

Thanks to Michael ( for grabbing the camera so many times. And check out www.michaelvanarey.com , his work is sick.
Duane for some of the awesome drone shots (
Grant for being my cheeta brother (and Lukey) and booking the yacht
AJ for trying to get a Mono
Chip for the sprinkle facial hair
The Mayor is surviving the mutiny
Purple Monkey Yellow Dishwasher for the uprising
Vanessa for the golden face
Chloe for the amazing flag
Cousin for the love
Sam for the Glitter bomb
Jen for inhaling all the glitter
Kesi for the pancakes
Mike for jumping ship (in auto pilot)
Julian for some being a champ !
Jens for not getting any presents in 4 years of skippering
Gregor for featuring more in the next vlog
Hanno for being busy but still with us #ftb
Scotty for putting it all together
Paul for the tunes
Lander for the pics
Liam for the drums
Martina for the wedding
Maddie for cruzing on board
PauPau for Jorge and Alejandro
Hugo pour le Français
Peter for holding it together
Tiff for the Oakleys 🙂

Filmed on;
Canon M3
DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Phantom 4



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