Sailing Yacht

New Yacht construction 27 m Steel hull ice classed

Yacht Marine Ltd
Eliad Hagiladi

M/S SVETLANA / 27 meter / Steel Hull and composite superstructure / Ice Class built by AVA yachts Turkey. SVETLANA is a long Range Sailing Explorer that accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins. She has been designed to cope with the extreme conditions in high latitudes. Long range explorer both, under sails and power with her 2 x 750 hp Eco Scania engines and 30,000 liters of fuel will take you far beyond the horizon…Hull structure is supported for ice pressure so that you can cruise in the icy waters like Iceland. An efficient heating and cooling conditioner system with 15 cm insulation thickness together with double panned windows will ensure your comfort in the accommodation spaces while cruising at low (And High) temperatures. As for early 2019 the project has not yet completed due to lack of budget. In the final construction stages and offered for sale.



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