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Luxurious SuperYachts – “SHE” is the new CRN 70m project by Vallicelli Design and style.

“SHE” is the new CRN 70m project by Vallicelli Design and style.

CRN offers She, the new 70-metre custom yacht project with a sophisticated fashion and sensitive harmony of variety.
The new idea has been formulated by the CRN Specialized Office doing the job intently with Vallicelli Design and style, the Italian architecture and style studio helmed by Andrea Vallicelli and Alessandro Nazareth.

As her title suggests, the She style idea exudes a sure femininity of touch with a subtly seductive design, as can be appreciated in the generous areas on the decks and the ample, welcoming interiors. The slender profile and linear styling, with the horizontal line inscribed from the bow all alongside the hull and all over the transom, lend the architectural composition a sure effervescence.

The clarity of the style shines through in the hallmark blend of geometrical expressiveness and the fluidity of the decorative features. This personal aesthetic signature is visible both in the traces of the facet gunwales, forming two wings in the fore space on the higher and proprietor decks, and in the elegance of the ahead canopies and glass railings.

With her five decks, array of out of doors regions, and transcendent inside convenience, She is intended for an proprietor who loves to commit extended periods on board with their guests although savouring the cruising practical experience.

“She is a new style of considerable prospective, defined by her flexibility, sophistication of line and generous inside and exterior areas devised by Vallicelli Design and style in what is proving a hugely satisfactory partnership. We are tricky at perform on different jobs, starting with the new 70m vessel for which we now have a signed deal, as lately announced”, commented Stefano De Vivo, CRN Main Industrial Officer.

“Working with CRN is always an fascinating obstacle, and this project is no exception. As the yacht’s title suggests, the softness and delicacy of female varieties have strongly influenced this style and its fluid, exquisite lines”, added Andrea Vallicelli, Architect at Vallicelli Design and style.



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