Mega Yacht

The 262&#39 (80M) ZEN Superyacht Style and design Thought by Sinot Special Yacht Style and design

Zen refers to meditation, to balance, harmony, rest, minimalism, simplicity and purity of traces. The concept of the ZEN yacht focuses on the real values in lifestyle to love the excellent of craftsmanship and to share the richness of getting.

Tremendous yacht ZEN creates a new typology of yachts. Exclusive in its use of house, the profile breaks from the typical ‘wedding-cake’ look, without the need of sacrificing any useable house. With one of a kind functions for an eighty meter yacht, these types of as a substantial beach front platform, seamlessly connecting to a beach front club with a spacious tender garage, with stairs from the beach front spot which guide to the panoramic stern lounge at the most important deck, a floating quantity with slanted glass façade, overlooking the beach front. This lounge has a totally free see to three sides, and capabilities as the two a lounge and cinema with a 4 meter-vast cinema monitor. At most important deck lodging for owner’s and visitors and a deluxe health club, spa and wellness spot is identified.

A 360-degree see as a result of the slanted glass façade contributes to a amazing lounge and dining spot at bridge deck. The aft part of the superstructure functions a gorgeous thirteen meter lounge, in which the aft glass corners open fully to the exterior deck. The midsection has an inside of-outdoors dining spot with sliding doors to each and every facet that can pocket fully and a skylight. Expandable balconies on the two sides deliver house for an aperitif. The ahead part consists of a high-tech bridge with floating console and two guest settees. Outside the house, there is a wide and functional exterior deck of almost 500 sq. meters which expands by an additional a hundred sq. meters when the aft lounge is opened. An eight meter swimming pool is located on the aft deck, with a substantial Jacuzzi on the foredeck.


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