Yacht Vacations

Skate & Investigate Tokyo

Japan has been on our radar as a Skate & Investigate destination for decades. When we acquired an invite to the Pink Bull Sidewinders Race we made a decision to shell out an more handful of days checking out the town of Tokyo.

Film/Edit: Dave Leslie
GoPro Footage: Billy Bones, Stephen Vaughn, Patrick Switzer

Skateboard Setups:
Stephen – Dinghy in the town, Cheesegrater Downhill
Billy – ATV Sloth in the town, Osteon Downhill


“Tsuki Nukeru” by PunPunCircle

“Sera” by Kattch

“Constellations” by Seiun

“Christine” by Wazonek

“Inexperienced Hold Ten” by Mild Ivanhoe Death Skulls




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