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SailAway 70 | 40-KNOT GALE!! – How To Examination Your New Sailboat | Sailing All over The Earth

From SERENE to Excessive!! 40-KNOT WINDS and 15′ WAVES!!

This week we check our new sailboat offshore in some quite wild circumstances…on only our fifth day of possession! Soon after a whole 24 hrs of some quite awesome sailing, we hit a storm lender that there is no sailing all-around. So we equipment up, don the vests and clip in for the ride! Cecilia performs it all with a informal shrug though shaking up our possessions like a washing device. But soon after the craziness, we get the most effective reward – a large pod of dolphins joins us for a whole forty five minutes!! Just the extremes we anticipate when sailing on the ocean. Would not trade it for anything! Delight in!! And be certain to SUBSCRIBE for WEEKLY Material Each FRIDAY! Cheers!!

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  1. Great job guys! We have started to watch you from the beginning. Please give my husband and I a shout!👍😁

  2. Hey guys! I gotta say for all the bad things I've heard people say about Hunters I love 'em! I know you took some bad weather in your 35.5 and she handled it beautifully. Looks like the new boat is just as good! I've done 40 knots of breeze for a few hours while single handing my 35.5, granted in the Chesapeake Bay not the open ocean, but it was still a little sporty and the boat brought me through it great! Glad to see the new boat sails good!

  3. Wow,,you weren't kidding…that was a strong blow ..but you pulled through like champs.. well bone . Im looking forward to seeing what happens next ..Best wishes and …..Cheers .

  4. Wow I was feeling your pain trying to move from the house to boat then pack the boat then get out of Fort Lauderdale and the canal and now you're in the middle of this storm. .it's been a long couple weeks for you all. … love your new boat and I'm looking forward to your future Adventures enjoy a couple of cold ones when you reach your new home for the upgrades cheers once again from the Great Lakes State

  5. You should include yourself in your videos more.

  6. Enjoying your adventure! Feeling it!

  7. Hey guys really enjoy the videos…..great shots, wonderful sail in unsettled seas. I would encourage you to have everyone in a PFD and when the seas roll, tether on even if your “just going to get a quick picture”. Can’t wait to sea more…. Brunswick and the surrounding area is a nice spot.

  8. Enjoying your videos! Thanks for sharing them with us <3

  9. Gongrads on your first sail on new boat……

  10. Baby must have an iron stomach. I didn’t see a touch of seasickness in anyone except the dog. One rough sail.

  11. The child should be wearing a PFD

  12. Great Video…..look forward to the new adventures

  13. Going well guys, it's so refreshing to see a family that's not " know all's " you just reel, congrats.


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