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From the icy mountains of the Antarctic, as a result of to the lagoons of the Pacific Ocean, through Mediterranean creeks and Asian rivers, PONANT cruises allow you to knowledge unforgettable moments in a uniquely high-class and refined placing. Uncover yachting cruises with our customized-produced itineraries to allow you to achieve the treasures of the globe by sea. To master additional about our luxurious cruises, check out www.ponant.com.

Considering that its founding by Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée in excess of a quarter of a century in the past, PONANT has been France’s only cruise company. With French crews, and the expertise, private provider, and cuisine that they bring with them, we provide luxurious cruises to enable you discover actually fantastic places. Irrespective of whether you are embarking on a nature voyage in northern Europe, a cultural voyage to South America, an idyllic Caribbean cruise or a complex expedition as a result of the icy waters of the Antarctic, PONANT crosses the world’s oceans in search of exclusive itineraries that are wealthy in refreshing discoveries and encounters. Do you aspiration of dealing with a voyage on the sea that combines authenticity with sophistication? We will welcome you on board our high-class boats, yachts and sailing ships to provide an unforgettable cruise in an ambiance of peaceful sophistication on a human scale. Carry on the PONANT knowledge on our web page: www.ponant.com Discover the most current news about our cruises by subscribing to our YouTube channel:

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