Luxury Yacht

2019 Azimut Grande 27 Metri Luxurious Yacht – Deck and Interior Walkaround – 2018 FLIBS

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  1. Good. Beautiful Azimut is beautiful. But not recommend.
    Recommend our not ??
    Is good.

  2. Hello. What is the height of ceilings of the salon and owner's bedroom on this type of yacht? Thanks in advance!

  3. Crew area would have been nice to show.

  4. Wow.. multi-million dollar boat and no galley!

  5. fake furnishing, as if half that stuff would not go flying off counters and tables once you take off or on moderate heavy seas. surprised you did not show a pool table.

  6. continues with the same chronic problem of 30 meters,
      cracks in the structure, failures in the electronic system, zero internal security against intrusions!

    lots of money underneath, tissues and gel cout.
    asks the teka still cracks after a few months?

    Can the deck door close now?

  7. Bela maquina,obrigado pelo video.

  8. The interior styling is very unique it does reminisce of the late 1970s science fiction film let me rephrase that quality late 70s science fiction film's and in that way it does seem dated even though it's brand new. If you get a chance watch Star trek motion picture when the whole crew is gathered in the rec area aboard the Enterprise and you'll see what I'm talking about have a great day😸😸😸😸😸

  9. I think if you took a GoPro and kicked it around the inside of this boat like a soccer ball there would be less annoying instability and more complete video coverage of the boat. I would have subscribed to this channel because they film great boats, but I get a terrible headache every time I watch one of their videos.

  10. Nah…..Princess or Ferretti anyday over this. The styling just dont do it fot me….this reminds me of a 70's cocktail bar…with the white leather seats!

  11. I think this is one of the ugliest boats I've ever seen – It starts by looking like a over sized tennis shoe floating in the harbour and ends with remarkably horrific furnishings.

  12. Really nice yacht


  14. Very nice yacht 👍🏼

  15. Yes is god

  16. Charter?
    I'd like to see the crew cabins……the only way I'd see the inside of that yacht is working on it!?!?! $$$?


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