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NATIVA Sailing Yacht for sale with Fraser

Luxury sailing yacht 48m NATIVA is for sale with Fraser.

Intended by the acclaimed Invoice Tripp, NATIVA is an ARZANA NAVI
luxury sailing yacht with stunning inside and exterior design and style, which is award-successful. She has lodging for ten guests, and a Jacuzzi. Her aluminium construction, excellent hull traces, and powerful sloop rig empower her to attain unprecedented speeds. She is the best-priced sailing yacht in its class on today’s current market a sleek fast sailing yacht with motor yacht comfort and ease.

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  1. Beautiful exterior. Cold, uninviting, sterile, boring interior. Probably selling to purchase a 'classic' more welcoming, non-pretentious true sailing yacht.

  2. She's the yacht I've never seen leaving her dock in Venice, no wonder she's for sale.
    Time to find her an owner who can take her to the sea!


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