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Transatlantic Sailing Voyage. Arriving at St. Helena Island in the middle of the South Atlantic.

Transatlantic Voyage. Arriving at St. Helena Island in the middle of the South Atlantic. INTRO – To look at the comprehensive video clip, simply click this website link:

Ep196. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we keep on our Transatlantic sailing voyage on the 50′ (Xquisite X5) Catamaran. We finish our sailing passage to St. Helena Island, which is in the middle of the South Atlantic. Considering the fact that it is so remote, few sailors can say they have at any time visited this breathtaking island. It is properly worthy of the exertion to get there.

Right before we get there at St Helena, we offer with sailing without the need of Tamas and understanding how to sail with a Parasail, which is a Spinnaker that has a exceptional air vent created into it and is rigged in a more sophisticated way, with two supplemental traces, than a common spinnaker. We also have the emphasize of obtaining 3 or 4 whales surfacing off our port aspect when we have been about a working day absent from St. Helena. It is an episode crammed with attractive footage.

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