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Q&A: Sailing the Altantic Ocean &#39The Tricky Way!&#39 | Eastbound Atlantic Crossing | Sailing Ruby Rose

Anything you want to know about sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, proper here in 1 mega Q&A episode! Sit again, get a drink, and take pleasure in.

01:09- What are our most important fears? What are we worried of?
08:25- Why do not we drink caffeine on passage?
09:fifty two- SAILS- lots of talk about our Code , Parasailor, and white sails.
22:fifty five- How would we hire a sea anchor and drogue?
23:fifty five- What do we prepare dinner in our stress cooker?
26:10- How do we mentally offer with prolonged passages?
32:33- What is the main reward to being in a rally (ie, the ARC) vs sailing solo?
39:49- Is our hydrovane our main steering process even though below passage?
forty one:22- In circumstance of an unexpected emergency, how would we navigate?
45:30- How do we handle night watches with two people?
43:34- How do we get weather conditions at sea?
49:fifty five- How do we harmony danger vs reward in major weather conditions?
56:00- What did we do to resolve the halyard?
56:35- What brand name of lifejackets do we use?
56:fifty three- What is our alcohol coverage?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and well explained opinions. The video was full of invaluable insights for anyone even remotely considering such adventures. Can't wait to watch and learn more!

  2. Very useful Q&A thank you.

  3. Thanks much. Very many good thoughts 🙏😊
    Just love your humor 😂.

  4. Great video and very informative as usual. In regards to a pressure cooker not sure what kind you have but I would definitely have to take my instant pot as it is sooooo easy to use.

  5. Great presentation along with "inter-change". I envy both of you. Nick, for your knowledge,
    Theryse (sp.?) for your courage and willingness to learn. You make a great team.

  6. A person who suffers from anxiety would not be a reasonable candidate for sailing. And
    taking medication (for the condition) is not recommended if the person is expected
    to be part of the sailing team. The person should be evaluated if symptoms of anxiety are presented. (a lay opinion).

  7. Best episode!

  8. 28:30; all men understand.

  9. Well done. But too short…:-)

  10. Really good Q&A you two. I wondered about a parasailor for a monohull. We have a code zero for our Cat (Lagoon 440 with electric drives) and you are spot on – it’s a pain to set up. Thinking of a fixed forestay system. Fair winds to you both!

  11. I hear wisdom in a lot of those answers, great job you two.

  12. No need to apologise for a long talking video. For a guy who is considering trading his house for a boat, it is good to know would what I should expect. I like these more than scenery videos. Although I always look at the sea state in th background. Looked pretty rough in some shots.

  13. Nick….put a ring on it!!!

  14. Thank You for the video

  15. Hey guys, we've been watching all your videos over the last 3 days and absolutely love them! Really really informative and so inspiring! Thank you so much. My girlfriend hasn't sailed before, but I used to sail 22' – 33' boats with a spot of racing when I was a teenager, now we're kind of thinking of taking a bit of a sort of early retirement from London and doing things like a circumnavigation. I'm 35 and she's 29, so it's a good time to start 🙂 I do have a question though, apologies if you've already answered it before, but there's a lot of conflicting information online regarding certification and ICC etc, there's yachtmasters, NauticEd and so on, there are courses for yachtmasters offshore that can cost £10k per person, or there are similar ones for £300! We're currently in Spain and when I looked it seems in Spain they have a different system and might not recognize other certifications. So in your experience does the ICC hold up in the places you've sailed? and what paper certifications would you say are really necessary – for example I really don't want to be spending £20k for the 2 of us to do a yachtmasters offshore cert when £600 would do it… thanks again 🙂

  16. Yes, Nick climbing in bed next to ME would for sure wake me up especially if he had that mustache 😛
    Ahhhhh, that Busch beer is still around?!?!?!?! LOL

  17. Best yet.

  18. Great episode guys, very interesting. As an ex dinghy racer I think you should definitely experiment with keel rake, it makes a huge difference to highly sensitive dinghies, reduces load on the rudder, improves gust response and I think it might help you too. Even upwind, especially if it's blowing, a bit of rake might help stop the boat tripping up on itself. Please bear in mind I have zero experience of lift keel yachts!!!!

  19. Great Q&A. It was so easy to watch the whole thing.

  20. I almost gave up after 35 mins. but eventually stayed the course. It really was enlightening, rewarding and most of all it was enjoyable. You both brought your own humour based on the relationship you have with each other and thats the personal touch which enhances the Q & A…… Brilliant and thank you so much.. ⛵👍

  21. thanks for the honesty guys

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  23. Thanks. I enjoyed.

  24. Really liked this Q&A.
    Didn’t even notice it was more than a hour.

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  26. This was so interesting and useful to hear Your experiences and answers. Thank You so much for sharing and I look fwd to Your next ep.

  27. if you want to do a 2hr episode of this kind, i would gladly watch it 🙂

  28. Very good video !

  29. Appreciated the discussion on sail types and uses. Was detailed enough, didn't rush through it and good starting info for a novice

  30. Why don’t you stop caffeine 3 days before passage?🇨🇦🇨🇦💞

  31. This was great, thank you.

  32. Lovely video,nice talk.Thank you guys for sharing.
    Wish you good sailing in Med,and please make some videos for boat yards and marinas in Europe ,it will be interesting.
    Thanks again

  33. Awesome Q&A… So much knowledge….. from doing…. not reading… You guy's make crossing Oceans sound so matter of fact….. Hahaha… Sexually assaulted by a Cow…. Udderly hilarious….

  34. Terysa is such a hot and cool women WOW ! Lucky duck Nick

  35. Long, but informative. Loved it!

    However, I didn't watch it all in one sitting. I guess that is the greatness of YouTube ; you get to watch at your own pace and leisure.

    Best regards,


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