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Below&#39s the skinny on Charter Yacht Ownership – Ep 92 Sailing Luckyfish

Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Catana, Bali sailing catamarans. Get the inside data from Catamaran Expert ‘s Estelle and Stephen Cockcroft as Stew dives into Component two of the Charter Yacht Ownership series and seems at methods you can use to invest in a catamaran on a spending plan.

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  1. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?: "You should only own a yacht privately if you plan to live on board full time.Otherwise rent one, co-own it, or set it up as an income producing business?"

  2. I bought a Bene 411 5 year old from a charter company in Auckland (Moorings) for 210 ,000 sailed some 12,000 miles in 5 years sold it for 215,000 with not a dollar spent on her except for a new Battery bank & Bilge pump (Usual maintenance – engine servicing ,Antifoul etc. ) The boat was in great condition when bought , Moorings couldn't be more helpful & totally recommend this way of buying . 5 to 7 years would be my limit on buying from a charter company any older the sheer usage starts telling . Another great informative vid . Oh for most of the time i had her i charted in the Marlborough Sounds (Hard sailing) Skippered only.

  3. Always good stuff Stew. Thx

  4. another SA couple! Rather interesting that so many SA folks are out on the water. Lekker sailing to you

  5. I'm excited

  6. Is that tomorrow Aukland or Ulaanbaatar time? (should I wait up for midnight to tick over?) looking forward to project X.

    Thanks for another great video, this series was a little different from the usual LF videos but still enjoyable.

  7. Spring in NZ just had a week of equinoxial gales and rain. The outdoor furniture got rearranged.

  8. I'm still trying to afford a canoe

  9. I have a friend Trey who, like me, was a maritime engineer, and who therefore had enough time off to fully use his Moorings charter cat (a Leopard 43 if memory serves). At some point, Moorings wanted more boats in Belize and my friend was allowed to use the boat for 2 or three months while semi-circling the Caribbean from the BVI to Belize so that was additional time aboard without any fees other than voyage supplies. Obviously, his experience was vastly different than the average charter owner but, on the whole, Trey found the deal pretty positive. Maintenance other than cosmetic upkeep can be somewhat indifferent, especially given that the boats need only function on a limited range merry-go-round charter course meaning that owners taking over their boats after charter can expect to spend some time and money making the boats cruise-worthy. The cloud hanging over the entire issue is the continued viability of tropical charter operations in a world where Category 4 and 5 hurricanes are becoming an annual norm. At some point, insurance rates and availability must suffer.

  10. New Cat on the horizon

  11. Interesting video. I've always dismissed these charter ownership schemes n the past, but I might actually give it serious consideration now. I want to be living aboard in 5 to 6 years from now, so the timing could work nicely.

  12. Good info there.

  13. Hi Stewart, check out this you tube channel :
    They are searching for a live aboard catamaran and have visited many of the popular brands. They show you the pros and cons of each model. I think their videos will help you in your search of a catamaran.

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  15. Great information


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