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67 Sailing Yacht Auction, M80 Stiletto, Drinking water-Ski Squirrel

EP 67 – 1st up: The 114-Foot Luxury Sailing Yacht “Ring Andersen” Goes Up for Bids — On eBay!

As documented by Gregory Richards of “The Virginian-Pilot:” Very last Tuesday in Norfolk Virginia, when the Virginia Heritage Foundation set the historical 114-foot vessel “Ring Andersen” up for auction, when it drew a group of opportunity potential buyers, not a single bid was produced!

The “Ring Andersen” is a boat with history, sophisticated technological know-how, and luxurious. This 114-foot attractive sailing vessel began lifestyle in 1948 as a cargo ship out of Denmark, and in 1962, the Baltic trader ketch became a single of the first Caribbean constitution yachts. In 1980, she returned to the boatyard for a comprehensive rebuild from hull to mast idea and turned into a world-course luxurious constitution yacht.

So WHY will not any one want her?

The ship was recently appraised at 3.two million bucks and, in accordance to auctioneer William J. Summs, chief government of Atlantic Asset Management Team Inc., constructing a new vessel to match the 59-12 months-old “Ring Andersen” might price as considerably as $ten million.

But, when he opened the bidding at $350,000, no a single in the group bid. Fewer than two minutes later, the auction was over.

BUT, as of very last Friday, there were are at least two opportunity bidders on eBay: The prime bidder, from Annapolis, Md., bid $300,800 (take note: there was a $650,000 reserve). The second optimum bidder, from Oslo, Norway, bid $100 considerably less than the prime bid.

The proceeds, which The Virginia Heritage Foundation hopes to obtain, will assist the foundation’s other ship, the “Schooner Virginia,” which presents youth sail coaching and acts as a floating ambassador for the condition.

For a lot more information and facts about the auction, you should pay a visit to Atlantic Asset Management’s internet site at

Upcoming up: The U.S. Navy Redefining What It Implies by “Stealth” Ships

The U.S. Navy is banking on the launch and screening of the 80-foot “M80 Stiletto” to renovate how the Navy operates a stealth fleet.

With two twin hulls, formed like an “M”, and a breadth of 40 ft, the experimentally-made ship resembles a lot more of a tank than something that floats in h2o. And unlike steel ships, the prototype “Stiletto” is produced of carbon fiber and has no radar-evading abilities.

In an age exactly where military vessels are obtaining narrower to prevent detection, the M80 performs a unique purpose with its width the hull can capture and redirect waves, generating a easy experience even in the most tempestuous situations.

Presently, the “Stiletto” is stationed on the East Coast, and when acknowledged that it might be the only a single of its form ever created, it really is encouraging to see the developers searching exterior the box for structure answers to present Naval improvement.

For a lot more information and facts on the M80 Stiletto, you should pay a visit to M Ship Co., the private structure agency dependable for the “Stiletto”‘s conceptualization, at

Lastly nowadays: Fulfill Twiggy the Drinking water-Skiing Squirrel!

This world-famed animal novelty act began again in 1979 when Twiggy and her caretakers, Chuck and Lou Ann Greatest, appeared on the Television set clearly show Serious Persons to clearly show off this a single-of-a-form pet trick

Primarily based in Deltona, Florida, The Bests identified the orphaned squirrel just after Hurricane David in 1978, and when increasing it as a spouse and children pet, acquired that she seriously took to the h2o–often riding on their shoulders when they took dips in the pool. Chuck and Lou Ann proceeded to teach their squirrel to ski when on river outings.

Twiggy is basically a number of grey squirrels who have been skilled in succession to experience on buoyant foam blocks, which are then towed driving a remote-controlled boat in heated swimming pools.

The act has been touring for 27 yrs all throughout the US, Canada, Bermuda, France, and Germany and has appeared in numerous guides, publications, newspapers, and on tv shows all over the world.

Check out Twiggy’s formal internet site at exactly where you can go to see a program of upcoming appearances.

Julie’s Sea-Lebrity Profile Select of the Day is: Captain Joe Busam and “Shazam,” his attractive 1972 26 Columbia MKII. Congrats, Captain Joe!

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