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Jeff Bezos Purchases A $four hundred Million Dollar SuperYacht Named Traveling Fox?

Superyacht information for YOU! Did Jeff Bezos Obtain A $four hundred Million Dollar SuperYacht Named Traveling Fox? That’s the huge query out there today.

If you never know, Traveling Fox is the latest superyacht introduced recently in 2019 by Lurssen Yachts and is a single of the world’s biggest personal superyachts

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Audio by Epidemic Audio
Photo Credits
Dilbar: Kyle Conlin
Thunder: Klaus Jordan
Traveling Fox: SHU



  1. What a jerk! I would have settled for a 200 million yacht….hell, even a 100 million one.

  2. It costs $4.8M a week to RENT the Flying Fox as well.
    And you have to pay 30% gratuity to the waiters😥

  3. The Obama's and Jay Z have been seen on that Yacht many times by TMZ…. So yea.

  4. David Geffen owns Flying Fox according to TMZ.

    Bezos is renting it at the moment

  5. He should name it Prime, from all the money we gave him

  6. The largest yacht is Azzam with 180m. The Flying Fox has two helipads and the owner of is not Jeff. 😉

  7. i think the real jeff bezos was killed and cloned in 2003.
    this new jeff bezos is unlike the old jeff bezos.

  8. So who cares. Big ass boats like these are just a big ass pain in the ass. It's not about the money it's about being one giant pain in the ass to own and operate. The good thing is that these rich guys take a lot of little guys along with them. I'd rather have a few really rich guys employing a whole bunch of little guys than a whole bunch of little guys employing no one.

  9. First one


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