Sailing Yacht

#one Appear At This Boat Fellas, Warrior 35 Sailing yacht

Verify out my new serie:
Appear AT THIS BOAT Fellas!!
In these sequence I’ll be showing you unique boats and there captains each and every 7 days. Boats that are used just for the weekend, boats to live on and boats that are for sale but each and every 7 days a unique design boat. In this to start with episode I start out off with a 35 FT Warrior in Ibiza that needs some tender love and care that is for sale. Brilliant boat to live on and sale all over the world. Tag and share this sequence with your boat loving good friends and PM me if you are interested.



  1. I'm sure I lived on that boat for 2 years when I was a child 'Stardust of Mercury'

  2. an interesting project at a good price

  3. Another brilliant program.
    I hope you do well with this new enterprise .


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