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Sailing to Wherever Cash Grew on Trees – Sailing SE Asia Ep.57

We sail to a team of islands that have a heritage of turning sailors into millionaires. Forgotten by a steaming volcano, this is an island in which funds grew on trees. A productive return voyage to below from Europe would the moment have set somebody up with ample funds for lifestyle.

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Preserve Strolling – Alvaro Angeloro – – Artistic Commons – Attribution Artistic Commons four. license
Program to Gain – Nick Petrov – – Licenced
War Drums – AudioPanda – – Licenced
Soaring – Nicolai Heidlas – – Licenced
Inspiring Epic – Nazar Rybak – – Artistic Commons – Attribution Artistic Commons four. license
Our time is now – Nick Petrov – – Artistic Commons – Attribution Artistic Commons four. license
Chillout Zone – HookSounds Originals – – Licenced



  1. So many interesting facts! Great video, wonderful editing. Thank you

  2. too fun! Great video, cheers from the Channel Islands

  3. Next stop….Komodo dragon island….?…or is that Miles away…These areas would have been pristine when David Attenborough once travelled here in the 50s/60s….he has witnessed the degradation of the environment first hand.That new camera you have sure is clear with high definition!.

  4. You guys just pushed my button again. One of my dreams has been to visit these islands. You forgot to mention the name of the fort though. If other followers were wondering, it is Fort Belgica. It is on Google Maps. Cheers,

  5. Great video as usual.


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