Motor Yacht

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  1. When in Kalamos harbor yo can eat where ever you like. George is a nice guy but he is not the harbor master, just a nice guy who knows the harbor well having lived there all his life. OK he like customers in his restaurant but he also really doesn’t mind. It is not right that you only eat the other side if you more that side. George also may tell you where to go but you can also go where you feel best. After all it’s your boat and a public harbor! We live onboard full time in the Mediterranean and base in Greece, Nidri for last 3 years and know this area well.
    Also in Frikas you DO NOT go on the wall but rather inside on the mole and you DO often raft up. There is even a sign asking you to allow people to raft up? The wall you tied up to is NOT GOOD due to the ferry wake. (Please give correct information! As others may follow after watching your video.)


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