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Dwelling on a Sailboat with Canine – Sailing ShaggySeas

Now, we share what it is like residing on a sailboat with canine. We have experienced tons of concerns about how we sail and cruise with our canine, so we manufactured a particular bonus online video that responses some of the key concerns we have obtained.

How to potty educate a puppy on a sailboat.
Where by do the canine go to the lavatory on the sailboat?
What style of drinking water bowl doesn’t spill on a boat?
How to maintain puppy meals contemporary on a sailboat.
How do we maintain up with puppy grooming when on a sailboat?
How do we work out the canine when sailing, at anchor, or when under way?
How do we maintain the canine safe and sound when sailing?
Do the canine get seasick on the boat?
What are the pros and disadvantages of sailing with canine?
Is getting a puppy or pet really worth it on a sailboat?
How do we maintain the canine clear on the boat?
What is the best element of getting canine on a sailboat?
And more!
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Collapsible Comfortable-Sided Dog Crate 
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Who is ShaggySeas?
We are traveling by sailboat with our two canine and release weekly online video episodes / sailing vlogs to share the sailing adventure with you!

We have been documenting our journey as we sold anything we owned, purchased a sailboat, realized about sailing, realized how to do our possess boat repairs, and acquired practical experience cruising. Be part of us to get an insider watch of existence as a live aboard cruiser and for weekly episodes of our sailing travels.

:00 – Level of Check out – By Nicolai Heidlas
:fifty – Wings – By Nicolai Heidlas
seventeen:31 – Luvly – By Joakim Karud

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  1. Great video. Answered many questions. one unanswered for me was – How do you manage dog access and egress from dock to deck and from deck to below. I'm looking at sailboats in the 32-36' range and they all have ladders which would be very dangerous for my dog to use – especially under way. I'm considering making a ramp or carpeted stairs. How do you handle the situation? Sailing Solo.

  2. Nice people 👫, nice dog's 🐕, nice boat ⛵, blessed 💚. Really Thank you for sharing 👍

  3. This is an awesome video with lots of info!
    I was wondering though, have you guys ever thought of doing a video on "dogs"?

  4. I live with 2 am staffs on my 37 irwin this was super helpful instead of taking them to shore every day which i what i currently do yall got a new sub for this thanks much

  5. Did u hv any sailing experience prior to doing this ?

  6. Great job covering the subject at hand. You answered a lot of my questions that I had. Looking forward to sailing with my 2 yrs old Maltese Yoshi.

  7. Thank you for this informative video. You answered most questions that I ever had. Cheers.

  8. I have a question! How do you respond to having stray dogs run up to and have comtact with your dogs? I'm afraid of the strays possibly infecting our dogs with a disease. Has this ever been an issue for you?

  9. Thank you for this video!

  10. you can tell you guys love your pooches

  11. I love the idea of the turf for the dogs to go to the toilet, great idea.

  12. You failed to address the biggest pro and the biggest con. Bringing a dog dramatically changes the security situation; suddenly you can leave the boat alone in a third world shit hole because you have a full time guard on board. Also, bringing a dog limits your at-sea endurance in a horrible way, in practical terms down to a few days before it gets abusive no matter how much they "go potty" on board.

  13. Great Job 👍

  14. Great video! This is the video I was looking for when researching sailing with dogs. Loved it so much, I went back and watched the whole series!

  15. Super video, you answered a bunch of questions I had for exactly this.
    Funny enough, mine are already "astro-turf" trained for road-trips, and will go on just about any tile of astro-turf tossed out in front of them. Your tray and turf on a string is brilliant and so is tossing it all in the ocean for a quick rinse as well. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Great video series! 2 questions- Does Mondo ever jump overboard to join you when you are both in the water, washing the boat or snorkeling? And, do you ever leave them on the boat alone when you go int9 town? Thanks!

  17. Lovin’ Penny and Mondo. ❤️❤️🤗🤗

  18. Thank you a very good episode. Just one thing to consider with Mondo is that for many long haired dogs their hair actually helps keep them cool so shaving may not always be the best idea. It also helps prevent sunburn. He seems a happy little fella but just a thought. Cheers

  19. Great information! I appreciate the honesty regarding the pros and the cons.

  20. First channel I’ve seen cover this, good job.

  21. Great video! Your pups are the perfect sizes for sailing. 🙂

  22. Excellent video guys. I am sure that people with doggy/sailing questions will find most of the answers they are looking for in this video.  Thanks for sharing. Fair winds & regards from the UK


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