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Sailing family members Crossing the Atlantic Planet Cruising Club ARC 2018 (Sailing Queen) Bonus Episode eleven

In this episode we are showing far more from the Atlantic crossing. We experienced so considerably film substance we could even permit it go. crossing the Atlantic with ARC. Wonderful experience when 205 boats starting up at the exact same time. 2850 nm in just about seventeen days. We fish a lot and get numerous Mahi mahi and distinct Tunas. We realy have to thnak ARTC for a wonderful Rally. we obtained so numerous new buddies from all in excess of the environment. The help and charing understanding in Las Plamas was wonderful. and the enormous Welcome when we arrived in Saint Lucia was remarkable. Hope you enjoy



  1. Leon er bytt i boat in 1 year snart 2 years

  2. ok, great video and what great kids baking at such a young age it's wonderful. Eating raw dough I"m surprised it didn't make her sick. I hope you all had a nice christmas. : ) peace I bet after me commenting you will get more recommendations and I bet by the end of Febuary you will have over 1000 subscribers. : ) peace

  3. Hej med jer
    Det er godt at se i har det godt. Vi er en famile fra Danmark som også godt kunne tænke så at komme ud at sejle med vores børn.
    Må vi ikke få en komplet frem visning af jeres båd

    Kærlig hilsen


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