Sailing Yacht

Dwelling on 1 GALLON a Day — Day 13 / North Atlantic Crossing — Sailing Uma [Step 192.13]

How do we shower and help save drinking water on a passage? (one gallon for each working day)

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  1. What system do you use to receive Wi-fi etc whitest on long passages and how much does it cost 😁

  2. Look at Sea Water Pro,out of Ft Lauderdale, FL, Mike puts together off the shelf items to make 12v, 110v water purifiers he also has portable systems. I purchased his 110v system and it was half the cost of everyone else and I love that there are no proprietary parts. I am going to change to his 12volt as it makes more sense for my system as I have a robust battery bank and will be installing solar and wind next year.

  3. Haven't you seen the Movies, the weather has to be a little nail bitting at times goodluck guys, be safe

  4. I used to sail on the Philadelphia Express,I'm not sure of the lead time on your videos but chances are she's already headed back to the States by now.
    As for conserving water, I used to do the dishes in 2 buckets of salt water before giving them a quick rinse.

  5. Antwerp is a major port in Belgium. Entry for the majority of goods coming into Europe. Similar to Los Angeles port for the Pacific side.

  6. To help avoid wasting any water, take a look on line at Marinebeam Automatic Water-Saver for Cruising Boats. It costs only $10 and will help you save water.

  7. Kika does not know the 2nd biggest port in Europe 🙂 Antwerp (Belgium)

  8. I heard that someone said they would use half seawater and water to make pasta on their boat. Do you think that is safe? Maybe they used sanitation tabs or something. I am.really enjoying the daily vlog. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey. Heidi

  9. I am curious about your folding winch handle

  10. Kika Antwerp is a big harbour in Belgium, my home country….
    Jos Jacobs Poseidon…

  11. Great episode! I can see how evidence of getting closer to crossing the Atlantic would generate excitement.

  12. I'm a land locked woodworker, still I question a sailor who hasn't heard of Antwerp (6:04),,, one of the biggest ports in the world. sorry

  13. Well done guys, yes your entering our waters now regards traffic, English channel one of the busiest on the planet so keep emh peeled, Were forecast a hi for a day or two hopefully that will run with you. Would love to have met you both but realistically probably;y a few thousand more lol. Have a great time

  14. She is so cute when sleeping 😉

  15. Not a tip on saving water, but once you do install your pressurized shower system can consider heat recovery off stack of your furnace (or direct hx). This isn’t right system but good diagram of basic concept.

  16. The most amazing videos

  17. On those rocky rolly nights you are absolutely right, but when its relatively calm and someone is always below a small fire can sometimes be welcome. Most importantly, when in doubt keep it out. Glad you had a reasonably "boring" crossing. Looking forward to European adventures.

  18. Could you put a number on Uma´s average speed on this passage? I know you guys dont like to "floor it", but Id like to see how she performed.

  19. Safe trip guys 😎👍🏻🇺🇸

  20. anythin else like this?

  21. Whether by land or sea, fresh and potable water is the most precious…..
    So I have used rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in separate spray bottles and diluted with fresh water 50/50 +/-.
    Spray, wipe away grease etc, spray, wipe with a clean cloth and save the rag for next round. Salt water is a viable solution as well but it gets old too, hauling buckets or using a hand pump…. lol!

  22. Did you use the stove fire at all?

  23. Going to be interesting how you will deal with customs once at your destination. The "Sea Legs" will be funny too.

  24. Whoop !-! !-! the gamester 64 kidd pair are closing in on UK.

  25. Oh the nostalgia. Super smash Bros. Perfect dark. love the N64

  26. its 🙄

  27. Life at it’s best! 👍🏻


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