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A Unusual Yacht Experience At Sea – Sailing L&#39Attitude – Ep 39

Fatu Hiva: The golden anchorage of the Marquesas! The group of yachts arriving from their pacific crossing, is surrounded by steep, overwhelming pillars protected in foliage and mountain goats! The valley cuts deep into the mountainside of the island and is protected with an abundance of pamplemousse, mangoes, limes, squeeling piglets and barking doggies. Complete heaven!

We share a amazing meal at a locals house with other yachts in the bay, ahead of location off very first issue the next early morning for the Tuatomotus. On the way, we have a immensely rare ancounter wherever we not only occur throughout one more yacht at sea (quite uncommon…) but it transpires to be our great buddies Ross & Jo Blackman off Soujourn II.

We handle to swap some mouth watering apple bran muffins for some Wahoo that we nevertheless have going from when we departed Tahuata past episode. We also acquire some mint shots of this ocean experience as not normally do you handle to get shots of both equally of you standing on the aspect of your yacht in the middle of the ocean even though it is sailing.. These types of a interesting encounter for both equally boats.

The wind modifications as a storm starts to go by and we get westerlies blowing us the wrong way, so we choose to modify class and stick to Soujourn II into the atoll of Raroia. We fall anchor right here and get prepared to wade out the temperature technique until finally it modifications back to the handy trades that can support us sail further east.

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