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$1.2 Million Yacht Tour | Sunseeker Manhattan 70 | The Yacht Hunter

Currently I have a distinctive yacht tour for you of a $1.2 million Sunseeker Manhattan 70! Sunseeker Yachts are awesome and I cannot wait around to clearly show you the inside!

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This 2009 Sunseeker Manhattan 70 Yacht arrives absolutely loaded with almost everything you want to see in a luxurious yacht.

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Irrespective of whether you happen to be shopping for a Sunseeker Predator, a Sunseeker Manhattan or any other Sunseeker yacht, this video will let you to properly ascertain how a great deal you can hope to shell out for the Sunseeker yacht you happen to be seeking into shopping for:

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  1. Hi all! If you want to know how to save $300K on a Sunseeker, I made this video for you!

  2. How is the weaponry on this boat? My old sunseeker had a 16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun but it was only a 62, so I imagine this is at least 18"/60.

  3. Yeah! go yacht hunter


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