Motor Yacht

BOAT Daily life: A Working day in the Daily life of a Toddler Onboard!

We frequently get curiosity about how a child goes about their day on board a boat. Perfectly this a person gives a bit of an insight on a day with Lenny on board La Vagabonde. He’s maintaining us on our toes, that’s for guaranteed.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the life of a baby on board. If you'd like to keep these videos coming, please consider supporting them through Thanks for your support xo

  2. 😘😘😘

  3. David Attenborough said on recent SEVEN CONTINENTS prog. that orangutans' babies have seven years of childhood . . .only less than OURS. Roughly TEN years?

  4. Someone upset me the other day, I ran in and turned on Lenny's Drum solo just to see if I would still laugh…Cracked me up again…Lenny is good medicine. Thanks Mom Dad.

    Hey Riley, just a random question. I have been reading up on anchoring because I want to feel at ease when I anchor offshore and then go island exploring where the boat is out of sight.

    I have come across so many with the two main ones on length of chain being put out being:
    1) 5 x depth for amount of chain to put out.
    2) Boat length plus 2 X depth = amount of chain to put out.
    3) Anchor weight … go up two sizes above the recommended weight to cater for ALL conditions.
    4) Choose a universal anchor for all bottoms or maybe three … one for sand, weeds and rock.

    I believe there is also an app with an anchor alarm which goes off on your phone if your anchor drags or boat position changes.

    Could you please advise what you do and maybe even make a video on it. Thanks.

  6. I love children. They make life so wonderful. Beautiful baby.

  7. Seeing Lenny so close to the edge gives me the heebyjeebies, teach that boy to swim asap!

  8. this channel reminds me so much of the blue lagoon movie! ive been non-stop watching!

  9. it’s all fun and games until you feel at shark nudging the boat

  10. Do you dock frequently? Have a compost of sort on the boat for the diapers or how to you store them so they are not tossed in the ocean?

  11. Precious video.  You did a wonderful job of putting it together.  For those that dislike it, I sincerely feel bad for what must be a miserable existence or perhaps a seething jealously.  I hope you find some happiness in your life and stop being miserable over someone else's blessings.

  12. double chin, toothy smile, sun kissed cheeks goodness!!! He's such a cutie!!

  13. Cuteness overload!

  14. Absolutely in LOVEEEE omggggg the cutest smile, the most adorable farmers tan, such a sweet baby and an adorable family!!!

  15. Riley, Elayna,

    My son was that young once — and how those days went by in a blur, just like the Harry Chapin song "Cat's in the Cradle" (this poignant tune rips a Dad's heart out, Riley — My son's all grown, built tough as Popeye, helped refit "Windwalker" and earned his sea legs. But Lenny's getting his sooner, watching him successfully negotiate the trampoline net was enjoyable. 😉 Cherish this time with Lenny!

    Thanks for making port in Annapolis last month; "Windwalker's" crew procured some "SLV swag" just before you all departed the tent booth. Alas, we could not exchange compliments in person — too crowded, and we could see you were exhausted. FYI for "La Vagabonde" and other cruisers…

    If your float plan takes you near Cape Cod — "Windwalker's" original home waters — some navigation counsel: (please play and *study* the slide show). Consult NOAA charts 13229, 13233, 13237, 13241, 13242, 13246, 13248, 13249, but do not entirely trust them around Cape Cod's elbow. Good deep anchorages for "La Vagabonde" and other large craft: Tarpaulin Cove (41-deg 28' N x 70-deg 45' W), Vineyard Haven, Edgartown/Katama Bay, Nantucket Harbor, Provincetown Harbor (think: "Mayflower" plus 400 years). Hyannis and Lewis Bay get busy, are deep enough, but open to the prevailing southwest breeze. Saquatucket Harbor is recently renovated ( and can also accommodate La Vagabonde with enough advance notice. Marina dockage is pricey (US$2.50-$3.50 per foot, plus electricity). Most marinas this area are designed for monohulls. Terrain is rockier west of Hyannis/Lewis Bay, more sandy towards Chatham and Provincetown (except for shoreline breakwaters often guarding harbors).

    Lots of shoaling is typical around Monomoy Island and east of Nantucket, making navigation there a challenge. Best approach into Nantucket Sound is via Vineyard Sound, maybe Muskeget Channel at incoming high tide (vicinity 41-deg 20' N x 70-deg 25' W — its western side has shoaled up in recent years). Beware fishing weirs near flatter shoals (e.g. N and S of Chatham Roads, Stage Harbor approach, vicinity 41-deg 40' N x 70 deg W).

    There are also plenty of great white sharks and grey seals in this area, one shark attack human fatality last summer: This website hosts a PDA phone app that locates the sharks being tracked. Unlike the Bahamas, Cape Cod waters are plankton-soupy — low visibility. Line fishing is good for striped bass and bluefish.

    Blessings and following seas,

    Deran Eaton

    S/V "Windwalker" — John 3:5-8

  16. omg lenny is soooo old now! i remember that little baby boy! My best wishes from the US! <3

  17. Lenny is a joy to watch. Can’t wait to see him grow up on board.

  18. Cutie Pie!! I swear there is a deck hand on the show "below Deck" that looks like he could be an older version of Lenny. You should check it out.

  19. What an amazing way to grow up, absolutely beautiful.
    There are probably a lot of people who hate on the fact that he doesn’t grow up in the city, but I think it’s beautiful. There is so much wrong with modern life and so much stress everywhere, but he gets to be healthy and happy.

  20. Good morning 😃🌞☀️

  21. Kudos to you for taking care of a baby onboard. I hv one year kid too and i know how hard it is to take care of a baby.

  22. I really like seeing Lenny; look at the teeth!!

  23. The videography skills you have developed are just amazing. Thank you for the wonderful break in our day.

  24. love it!! we're getting so exciting to have our own boat baby.

  25. You could probably sell recordings of the thunder storms you go through and the sound of the boat moving through the water. So relaxing!
    So wonderful to stumble across your beautiful family, safe travels!


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