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Oyster 565: Very first Seem at Oyster Yachts&#39 60-Foot Sailing Yacht

The Oyster 565. A new icon. A new period for Oyster Yachts.

Measuring in just underneath 60 toes (59.3 foot / 18.09 metres), the Oyster 565 has been created by Humphreys Yacht Design and style and Oyster Yachts for effortless relatives sailing wherever in the planet, without the want of a skilled crew.

As suited to planet sailing as she is summers in the Mediterranean, the Oyster 565 matches the headroom and bunk lengths of our bigger sailing superyachts, and would make a welcome addition to the Oyster Globe Rally as a circumnavigator, as effectively as as a worthy ingredient on the Oyster Regatta circut.

Formulated from our years of working experience making about 120 hulls of our Oyster fifty six and 575 sailing yachts, the Oyster 565 arrives outfitted with an vital fourth cabin for an additional bunk or extra storage area, and can be configured with two distinctive layouts – the to start with time we have a format with the grasp cabin forward. She has a generous sail locker and lazarette onboard to keep all the necessities for ocean cruising.

The to start with hull, Oyster 565-01 ‘Panthalassa’ launches in April 2019:

Study more about the Oyster 565 in this article:



  1. Very pretty. But brutal viewers.

  2. I know you all love those huge monumental soundtracks, but for me it feels overloaded, worn out and cheap. I would rather recommend to use a more subtle ambient music which reflects onto the elegance and craftsmanship of your yachts, to convey taste and not pretentiousness.

  3. I have to agree, especially coming into an already saturated market. Doubt they can compete in price per foot.

  4. Description/Title needs editing, not 565…? Or is it a 565? Have been waiting for 595 to appear?


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