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Ocean Youth Rely on sail teaching

Generations of younger folks have appreciated experience less than sail with the Ocean Youth Club/Ocean Youth Rely on. The boats they have sailed have advanced above half a century. In each and every era, the OYC and OYT have sought to give vessels that are robust and seaworthy able of staying sailed by younger folks of various ages and talents and suited to acquiring the lifestyle techniques which are a core part of the OYC / OYT experience. Considering the fact that 1970, the Club has commissioned a number of objective-constructed sail teaching vessels, incorporating the most effective of every generation’s experience of sail teaching and yacht structure. OYT South’s existing vessel, John Laing, has been in constant provider for twenty decades. It is time to imagine of the up coming technology. OYT South has experienced a vessel specially produced by Owen Clarke Design and style to give an fantastic sail teaching experience to younger folks above the up coming thirty decades.


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  1. Lovely design, the only thing that lets it down is where you have put the tender. It would be a lot easier to get one of those hanging crane things off of the back 🙂 Also, are they carbon masts?! O:


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