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SailAway 83 | A Capsized Freighter and Sleeping In A Boat Sling | Sailing Close to The Globe

The CAPSIZED FREIGHTER Golden Ray! A Sail to the BOATYARD and SLEEPING IN THE Vacation Carry!!

This week, as we’re only months away from our departure for the Caribbean, we sail off to tick off one of the greatest to-do items – obtaining Cecilia’s bottom finished! As we make the journey we also pay out a go to to the reefed and capsized RORO freighter, Golden Ray and get up shut and private. Finally, we get hauled and expend a night time sleeping in the sling of the journey lift. Appreciate!! And be certain to SUBSCRIBE for WEEKLY Content Every FRIDAY! Cheers!!

Many thanks for looking at SailAway, the journey documentary of an adventurous sailing few, moreover toddler and canine, sailing the environment!

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  1. Buckeyes hit #1 after the pen state victory

  2. Great shots. Love the music too.

  3. Cool video guys, he just had 1 donut ☺

  4. Once upon a time when we were young and dumb, me and a couple of friends had borrowed a Hunter from a friends father in law. The day was getting late we decided to take a shortcut home, under a bridge. We knew how tall the mast was and checked the charts for the height of the bridge and figured we'd be fine. Only problem was that we had the height of the mast wrong. Once we were under the bridge, the height of the mast was suddenly about zero feet…

    In hindsight we were very lucky that no one was hurt when the mast was broken in half and fell aft, covering the cockpit with the mainsail. We got the anchor down quickly and soon got a tow from a passing boat to a nearby harbor. In the end, the mast had to be replaced, but no other damage was sustained.

    Sailing under bridges still gives me chills. Just watching that scene of yours made me nervous 🙂

  5. Ok, this may seem odd… but I like the graphic use in your thumbnails! (kind like I do with ours… )

  6. We were thinking of you guys today when we went through Brunswick on the intracoastal on our way south.

    À la prochaine!

    Richard and Sophie
    S/V PhiloSophie
    Montreal, Canada

  7. Yeah, this channel is really starting to work well!

  8. new KIA's for sale, priced to go fast!!!!!, slight water damage

  9. At 64 1/2" plus electronics, I don't have enough underwear left for ICW. One and done for me!!!

  10. Awesome Mate And that Parking makes you a Qualified Boat parking skipper hahahahaha ,Have fun and enjoy Life.

  11. another loud music overlay channel.

  12. Lost a CQR anchor just north of your turn-off to St. Marys Marina a few years ago…
    Fouled the prop with the anchor rode…
    Had to sail into Fernandina Muni Marina dead stick…
    If you have a moment, please pick up the anchor near marker 43 and
    I'll meet you in Jax with a finders fee!!! ;8>)

  13. niceeee…till the next friday…

  14. stunning footage!

  15. Great Video! I saw that ship from a distance when I came through, didn't take the time to go closer. Your trip on the ICW looked awful familiar!!

  16. As I understand the ship capsizing due to loads unbalanced. The ship emptied the ballast tanks for port entry, then loads the cars, then when exiting the port will fill tanks to the proper amount for sea travel. The ship didnt get the chance to fill the tanks. About the time it was exiting the inlet channel, thats when it rolled over. I'm guessing the ships captain is looking for another job. The load master should be also.

  17. Hehehe. Forgot about the paper mill. "If you can't smell Georgia Pacific, it's gonna rain…"

  18. Nice ! Family and boat looking sharp !

  19. Sail away…

  20. Great

  21. Love you guys and your videos are getting better and better! Love that little guy to.


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