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21 Hrs to See Every little thing at the Southampton Boat Show! | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

Chris squeezes as much as feasible into a 21-hour day excursion to the Southampton Boat Show. Appear aboard some sailboats: from a 113 ft Tall Ship, to a 19 ft Gaff-Cutter. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE ➜ 🌳 Turn into a Patron! ➜

⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵ We are Chris (British), Rossella (Italian), and Emma (Britalian!) We make insightful sailing videos with the purpose of encouraging YOU obtain YOUR cruising dreams, whilst operating for a far better world. Thanks to our Patrons we have planted three,000 trees to day.

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Good winds!
Chris, Rossella and Emma 😊


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  1. Castles… not something we see here in the colonies! Cool! Love looking at new boats (drooling..)

  2. Hi guys, thank you for watching! Question time…
    If you could receive any of the boats we saw in this video for free, which one would you choose & why?

  3. hi chris well that was a great video,got to say though i was knackered just watching haha

  4. Fab video Chris. I walked past the boat show the day you was there but couldnt stop as I was off to the island to pick up my boat, so loaded up with lots of gear. I have just purchased a cheap tablet to use as a plotter so I will be very interested to getting that set up. Yes I must agree there are lots of skills vanishing these days… People buy things now instead of making them. With me being an ex engineer I bet you can guess what I do.
    Hope all is good with Rosella and Emma, and yourself of course 🙂


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