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Greta Thunberg Has La Vagabonde Sail on a Deadline Throughout the Atlantic

Sailing La Vagabonde’s crew is envisioned to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal with Greta Thunberg, the climate activist, on board on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Riley Whitelum, his wife Elayna Carausu, and their newborn Lenny (Lennon) took on travellers Greta Thunberg, Svante Thunberg (Greta’s dad), and check out keeper and British racing skipper Nikki Henderson on a 3-7 days excursion through the stormy North Atlantic on November thirteen, 2019, from Virginia, United states.
The 45-foot Outremer 45 sailing catamaran La Vagabonde would be examined in gale pressure problems and up to 6-meter seas to get the sixteen 12 months old climate change activist Greta Thunberg to the COP twenty five global warming conference in Madrid. The COP twenty five started on December 2, 2019, significantly less than 3 weeks just after they went offshore on December thirteen, 2019.
All indications are the Sailing La Vagabonde creators made the choice to ferry Thunberg throughout the Atlantic at the last minute with little heed for the temperature problems they would facial area. It is generally accepted that leisure, cruising, non-racing sailing yachts need to not retain schedules or sail to deadlines due to the fact it poses threats to the boat and crew and shows little regard for the electrical power of the ocean, temperature, or mom nature.
Greta Thunberg will not fly on planes due to the fact she believes air vacation brings about way too much greenhouse fuel emissions. With her two Atlantic crossings in sailing yachts, the lightning rod Greta Thunberg is the most well-known sailor in the earth. She has joined the crew of the most well-known sailing vloggers in the earth Sailing La Vagabonde with 3 periods extra subscribers than their closest competitors sailing SV Delos. Despite La Vagabonde’s one.2 million YouTube subscribers, Greta is much extra well-known. Evaluate SLVs .14 million Facebook followers when compared to Greta’s 2.five million FB followers.
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  1. Find out my estimates for the top earners among sailing vlogs in 2017. All indications are they are making much more in 2019:

  2. Given the way Riley likes to challenge his own views, it's not surprising he'd take the opportunity to explore her views. Elana has the same sort of mindset. I'm not sure I it was a publicity stunt, or for money. I doubt they made decisions just for views and subs.

    Your definition of a cruiser.

    Riley has a well established and earned rep for being a skilled sailor, I don't think he'd put the boat at unnecessary risk.

    I think you're completely off track with this video.

  3. I'm not gong to unsubscribe from your channel even though a lot of what you say, particularly about their motives, may or may not be correct despite you stating is as fact. They didn't do it for the money, that's for sure. They could have made more going down to the Caribbean and spending the winter doing what they do. Ms Thunberg has brought the world's attention to the need for climate change abatement. I applaud that. She sees travelling as carbon-neutrally as possible as part of her approach to it. Fine. If Riley and Elayna want to support that, that's their business!

  4. Let's make this clear:
    1) Climate change is real

    2) Greta is only echoing scientific facts
    3) Time is the scarce factor – Nature all around the world is suffering NOW
    4) Worst polluters are the powerful nations China, USA, India…
    5) etc…

    6) Anyone not acknowledging this is part of the problem.

  5. I for one am going to unsubscribe from your channel because of the negativity they were helping this girl out and at the same time doing something they wanted to do and for that you trash them I find that very offensive and if I was the Vagabond I would have helped Greta as well your followers are all negative charged people and for that I call them trolls and Bots and just pure idiots global warming is a fact it is a problem

  6. No more than 20,000 unsubs total, no loss. This was not to boost the channel, it was to give Greta a ride. The carbon karma is on Nikki and Riley not on Greta, which was the point.

  7. I'm so glad I'm intelligent enough to know that I don't have to agree 100% with everyone's views to still support them.

  8. I subscribe lavagaboned because of greta and the couple with lenny

  9. Not sure I want to be part of your demographic – white male over 35 – so will unsubscribe from this negative feed. The reason I follow La Vagabond is that they sail from the heart, regardless of what the bigoted armchair sailors such as yourself feel and say. Goodbye ⛵️

  10. Mixed feelings for me. I’ve chosen not to follow the crossing and hope Riley and Alayna choose not to share the voyage on their channel. I’m also wondering if George Soros made them a financial offer that was just too good to pass up? Will have to see how it goes. Love their channel as it evolves. If it lurches “port side”, will have to abandon ship. I hope not. 🤞

  11. I didn't unsubscribe, but I have stopped watching. I even commented negatively on a sailing article from I think sail magazine via a facebook link. Apparently the platform removed my comment, but not after getting multiple likes. Climate change is real, but not as advertised. Geologic evidence says oceans were at some point 50ft higher than they are now. For 165 million years dinosaurs lived in 115F aaverage temps. Also there are many cities along the med that are under 3-50ft of water and have been for a long time. All this the world is ending stuff is c-rap. Naturally pollution such as ocean plastic is a real problem, but the world is not coming to an end, it is going back to normal…or maybe not. We as humans haven't been watching and taking notes long enough to make an informed decision.

  12. Greta Thunberg is a FRAUD who works for George Soros to push his global warming scheme.

  13. She is a very misled in her or should I say her parents views. Riley went on a rant about plastic and the people who use plastic. I then reminded him that he is sailing on a plastic boat using plastic sails or using diesel while wearing plastic cloths. They may lose me as a sub.

  14. Who am I to say what people should think and do? Something Wednesday Thunberg never asked herself and is delighted to do. She is not an tree lover, she is an authoritarian in the same line of thinking as the great leader Mao, Stalin or Hitler. Her last expletives made it very clear, saving the planet is mean to the goal of crushing the patriachy and capitalism. She uses our good will to enslave us all. The vagabonders fell for it… Very good analysis on your part dear Sir.

  15. I unsubscribed from La Vaga because of this…

  16. I for one unsubscribed and I had been with Riley and Elayna from their very first video…..I hated to do it but had no other way to show how strongly I felt about this stunt…..I am 68 and have been a sailor since my early thirties.


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