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Sailing Solo on An Endurance forty Sailboat

After spending a couple of months anchored in Wrightsville Seaside, North Carolina, I felt it was time to set Temora in a slip for a couple of months alternatively of continuing to sail south. When the fantastic weather window opened, the anchor was weighed, the sails were raised and Temora was headed offshore.
Leap aboard and sail together as I get Temora singlehanded to her new home at Dowry Creek Marina on the Pungo River in Belhaven, NC.



  1. Post more often please

  2. Just watched the Wicked Salty post so it led me here. Love the boat and how you have it laid out. Great craft. Love it. Good health to enjoy.

    Moss (Endurance 37)

  3. Awesome video! Saw your ad on Craigslist a while back for Temora and that's how I found your channel. Hoping you'll continue to sail and make awesome videos! I just moved to NC and never sailed before, and I'm thinking about moving to Wilmington next fall to live by the water and learn to sail. I think you're the only YouTuber covering the NC coast in any depth. Seems like there's lots of cool places to explore out there…

  4. Amazing Sailing adcventures ! Why yall dont share on soSAILize ( .net ) . Many Sailing Bloggers on there !

  5. She moves pretty nice. What was the wind ?

  6. Relaxing sail.


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