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Dominican Republic Customs Without Paperwork! – Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 126

We have departed the Turks & Caicos for either the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico (based on weather)! The forecast is calling for a quiet overnight journey, we locate out it truly is WAY completely wrong! We are forced to make a cease when we know we have missing paperwork for customs. Not excellent…Then we do some upkeep just before strolling right into an even much larger issue!

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  2. My sweet Brittany 😍😈

  3. One gorgeous wife ! 😍

  4. Video

  5. Holy Cow, I've never been first commenter before! I can't believe Megan is 18. Is she starting college in 2020? Any idea of a major yet? Our Megan ended up with a M.Div. back in 2007. Keep on Sailin'. Fair Winds and Following Seas! All-A-Taut-O sdh T.A.'67 in CT

  6. hi guys nice job

  7. Love you guys, looks like so much fun, even with the maintenance having to occur.

  8. πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜šπŸ˜š

  9. Being a mechanic in former years, the over tightening of the filter is common on most engines. Glad you didn't have to screwdriver through the filter to get it off. Good luck on the seal replacement.
    Until our adventures cross, fair winds and full sails.
    Jack and Billie

  10. Hammer a screwdriver through it and twist it off

  11. Great video as always. I'm sure you know this but you Might get yourself a really good filter wrench and always put some oil on the o ring before you reinstall or it'll be very very hard to get off like it was for you.

  12. Excellent video..shows the real challenges of sailing… not just a pretty gal, expensive boat, and blue water but daily and real issues…thanks for making it real…safe travels and calm waters


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