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Yacht Constitution in Greece (movie)

Sailing in Greece is really fascinating matter. We experienced 1 week of greek vacations, for the duration of this time we have visited islands Hydra, Poros, Egina and several ports in mainland Greece these types of as marina Kalamaki and Lavrio.
Two times we were being in a actual storm: 8 Beaufort sea state, wind was blowing at a pace of 40 knots. The most bed thing in these moments this is what you have no way to get off the boat and choose a split. You start out to fully grasp that the sailors – serious gentlemen. devoid of any question.
And any vessel, whether or not or luxury yacht just a feather in the hands of the sea. 1 can think about that 50 nautical miles across the strait to the historical Greeks – a serious journey.
So, we grew to become greek sailors for many days )
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