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Using A Super Yacht from Corsica to Sardinia (Captain&#39s Vlog 100)

I just take you on a shorter tour all over Bonifacio on the southern idea of Corsica, we then progress to depart the dock and make our way to Sardinia. As we depart the dock, we have 15 its of wind on the port beam.

I give a 2 moment run down of the “Clear Ocean Pact”

Captain Tristan Mortlock is an award winning Super Yacht Captain with over 15 many years experience. He begun his yachting vocation in his teens and now operates one of the most successful constitution yachts in the earth. Tristan is now serving on Motor Yacht AWOL, a San Lorenzo SD122, designed in 2009. AWOL is a multi award winning yacht and her crew just take a lot of pride in their operate.

Captain’s Vlog is about educating interested events on what transpires onboard a Mega Yacht, Super Yacht and the yachting sector. To share the existence of yacht crew and life at sea. The Huge shipyard refits, paint careers and marine engineering performs. To travel some of the worlds most wonderful locations.

The 1st operator of the Tremendous Yacht AWOL was non other than Mr Piero Ferrari himself. The wheel house nevertheless includes the original Captain’s chair with the Ferrari emblem.



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