Luxury Yacht

Onboard a Tremendous Yacht: Sea Operations

Notice: Permission was supplied to shoot onboard by ship’s administration. All footage was taken onboard a superyacht. Persons frequently only see these yachts from a distance, from the outside the house. They are commonly draped in secrecy as proprietors are very non-public. This hopefully provides you an concept of what it is really like to sail/do the job onboard. Remember to be aware I can’t shoot within the yacht in guest areas.

Chapter Markers
1:00 approaching the island of Capri
2:18 dropping anchor
4:18 launching tender
5:54 Substantial yacht collecting at Capri
6:44 pilot disembarks
7:21 Navigating fjords to Montenegro
8:39 docking in Montenegro
9:33 Croatia
11:06 heaving anchor to depart

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