Sailing Yacht

Sailing the Environment (Sailing Yacht Blaze) Ep1 – Making ready small 30ft wood boat for big entire world excursion

Getting a little 30ft wood boat ready for epic entire world journey from Spain to Australia. The wrestle is True 🙂

We started out this gnarly lil experience on the 12th January 2020 in Mar Menor, Spain. We worked our butts off for a month to get Blaze completely ready to sail across the environment with all the things against us. The bridge that offers us accessibility to leave into the Mediterranean breaks down once we are ultimately geared up to leave.

We wait around in worry for another 2 months for the bridge to be repaired, which pushes our excursion further more again and means we will really have to drive and hope the climate gods are form to us as we established sail for the Caribbean. Our initially prevent is Gibraltar, then the Canary Islands and Cape Verdes.

This trip from Spain to Australia will just take all-around a yr. We approach to cross the Caribbean, then Panama to the Pacific Ocean with stops at any epic lil surf or kitesurfing areas on our way. We will be uploading films at every single place we can.

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