Yacht Vacations

S2Ep16 Let&#39s Sail Greece – Ionian Islands (22.07-14.08.2019)

This is the final episode of our sail by means of the Greek islands. We sailed all over the Ionians Islands for about 3 months. We did see a lot of wonderful sites and liked sailing, swimming and seeing stars at evening like always but is impossible to present all of this just in 20 minutes motion picture. Is why we make just swift highlights of this time. Hope you will like this.

Limited Cut:
:00 Intro
:35 Offer run
1:14 Zante – WWF function
2:46 We nearly kiss the ferry
3:40 Zakyntos National Marine Park
4:48 Shipwreck
6:25 Homer’s Lands – Kefalonia & Ithaca
9:46 Paxos
10:32 Korfu
11:50 Pantounis Soap Factory
13:46 Check out Out procedure



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