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VIP Greek Island Cruise From Athens – Evermore Cruises

On our last day in Athens we went on a cruise to three Greek islands, Hydra, Poros and Aegina with Evermore Cruises. The port was close to the center of Athens, we took a taxi and got there pretty quickly. Seems like a lot of people get picked up by a shuttle, so inquire about that when you make your booking.

The ship was larger than I expected, really nice. We were escorted on the ship, through some other rooms, then finally to the VIP lounge. This is just amazing, it’s so nice, quiet, not crowded, with appetizers and some beverages included. A great way to travel to the islands, VIP is the way to go!

Our first island was Hydra, really nice port, houses along the hillsides, clear blue water. We went up to the tower, got some good shots with the drones, enjoyed the view from up there, then walked to the town area. Narrow streets with shops all around, really cool place to explore. There’s even donkeys, and tons of cats just hanging out.

Poros was next, we took the stairs up to the top of the overlook, nice view of everything up there. Walked around a little but didn’t have much time there, so back to the ship for lunch. The food was nice, everyone got the same thing so I traded my fish for chicken with one of my friends. It was a nice relaxing meal, plus we got some dessert as well.

Aegina was our last stop, the pistachio island. There’ tons of vendors trying to get you to try theirs and buy. We tried, but did not buy anything, went to a cafe for some drinks and dessert, just relaxed and enjoyed the island atmosphere. It was time to head back to the ship and make our way back to Athens.

Overall is was a very nice day cruise, relaxing, great sights, excellent service and food. A great way to spend the day and get some ocean air and views when you’re done looking at everything in Athens.

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