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In this video we hopped on a catamaran off the island of Bermuda. I accidentally gave away Chelsea’s surprise trip to Bermuda the night before we left so I figured adding a new surprise might be fun.

The crew that runs this tour from Rising Son Cruises is honestly what made this cruise so special. They were all very personable and interested in getting to know all of their guests on the trip. I appreciated how much they went above and beyond when it came to safety of the people on the boat to also doing favors like getting good angles on camera.

The cruise is about 3 hours and included unlimited rum punch. You could buy beer or other drinks at the cash bar if the rum punch wasn’t your thing. The cruise does have booze obviously, but it is not as much of a party boat so i would still consider it to be a very family friendly place for all ages.

I’ll post a link below to their website incase you are in Bermuda and want to go on the same one:

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