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Oyster 565: First Look at Oyster Yachts' 60-Foot Sailing Yacht

The Oyster 565. A new icon. A new era for Oyster Yachts.

Measuring in just below 60 feet (59.3 foot / 18.09 metres), the Oyster 565 has been designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and Oyster Yachts for easy family sailing anywhere in the world, without the need of a professional crew.

As suited to world sailing as she is summers in the Mediterranean, the Oyster 565 matches the headroom and bunk lengths of our larger sailing superyachts, and would make a welcome addition to the Oyster World Rally as a circumnavigator, as well as as a worthy component on the Oyster Regatta circut.

Developed from our years of experience building over 120 hulls of our Oyster 56 and 575 sailing yachts, the Oyster 565 comes equipped with an essential fourth cabin for an extra bunk or additional storage space, and can be configured with two different layouts – the first time we have a layout with the master cabin forward. She has a generous sail locker and lazarette onboard to store all the essentials for ocean cruising.

The first hull, Oyster 565-01 ‘Panthalassa’ launches in April 2019:

Learn more about the Oyster 565 here:



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