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7-Day Sailing Itinerary Cyclades /Sailing Itinerary Greek Islands

7-Day Sailing Itinerary Cyclades/Sailing Itinerary Greek islands.
Want to know where you can go sailing within a week, in Greece? Interested in sailing around the Greek islands? Do you wish to sail in the Cyclades islands? Interested in Island Hopping in Greece? A fantastic educational video that shows you EXACTLY what you can do and see while sailing in the Cyclades! ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW about a 7-Day Sailing Itinerary in the Greek islands!

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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel!
Undecided on where to go next summer?
Stay with me, and you will find out some of the great reasons why you should sail around the magical Greek islands!
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Are you ready? Set your sails for Greece!
Greece is one of the wealthiest countries when it comes to history!
It is the country of the sunshine!
Greeks are some of the most welcoming people in Europe! They love celebrating life!
The Greek cuisine is one of the best cuisines of the Mediterranean. Healthy, and reasonably priced.
Greece is a safe country and has a great nightife!
While in the Greek islands, you can find picturesque small ports with whitewashed houses.
The beaches are beautiful. Sand or pebbled beaches that seduce everyone!
Swim in crystal clear waters!
Great site seeing if you like educational traveling.
While sailing in Greece, you have lots of choices as far as it concerns your itinerary.
Cyclades group of islands.
Arrive in Athens, a couple of days before your embarkation. This will allow you to explore the capital of Greece, Athens! Athens became an important city-state since 500 BC as it was the center for the arts and of philosophy.
Visit Acropolis and the Acropolis museum.
Syntagma square, where you can see the Greek Parliament.
Go to Monastiraki, the ancient market where you will find many interesting shops for jewelry, souvenirs, etc.
Go up to Lycabettus Hill. Take panoramic pictures of the Athens city!
Reserve a nice meal in a restaurant at Plaka where you can find lovely traditional tavernas with live music.
If you have time, visit Cape Sounion, wherein mythology, Agamemnon, the King, committed suicide as his son, returning from the war, forgot to change the black sails… The black sails had a meaning. That his son died in the war. The forgot to replace the sails with the white ones… and his father could not imagine his life without him.
Your Cyclades itinerary would be like:

Day 1
Kea. Kea is a picturesque island. On the South side of Nikolaos Bay which was a pirate stronghold in the 13th century, you visit the port of Korissia. There are remains of the ancient town walls and sanctuary of Appollo.
Day 2.
Mykonos. The most popular island of the Cyclades. Famous from the international jet set visitors and the celebrating atmosphere. Extremely active nightlife in combination with beautiful beaches, restaurants, shops. Oorganize a day tour on Delos island.
Day 3.
Paros. Visit Paroikia Bay, Naoussa which in Roman times was the island’s main port, and Marmara Bay. Paros is also known for the ideal conditions for windsurfing.

Day 4.
Ios.The island of the youth. Famous for the vivid nightlife with an uncountable number of bars, cafes, clubs, and restaurants. Visit the main port with the domed church built in the 17th century and swim in the crystal waters of the island.

Day 5.
Famous island, worldwide. The volcano, the great wines, the local cuisine but most of all the villages built on the cliffs, offering breathtaking views over the submerged volcano.

Day 6.
Here you can have the most beautiful anchorages! The medieval village of the Kastro but also the bays of Faros, Vathi, Plati Yialos are worth exploring.
Day 7.
Well known for its excellent cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. Tourlos, the highest point of the island, has 483 meters height.
Day 8. Kythnos.
An unspoiled island. Many beautiful anchorages and amazing beaches. A perfect area to be protected by the winds.
Disembarkation in Athens.

Greece is magic… this country will fulfill and exceed all your expectations!

Don’t forget to learn a couple of words before you arrive in Greece! Something like
K-A-L-I-M-E-R-A which means GOOD MORNING!

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Fair winds!



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