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Two Gucci Jackets or a 30 ft Sailboat?! [Ep. 10] ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

We head ashore to the VIP paradise of Portofino, Italy, where we see a Gucci Jacket for sale with a price tag of €7,000 (8,000 USD). Our boat only cost us €14,000!… SUBSCRIBE

When we spotted that designer jacket, we may have stumbled across a metaphor for life…

What do you want to buy in your life?

❔ [Option 1] Designer clothes.

❔ [Option 2] A sailboat which can serve as a floating home, take you almost anywhere on the planet without using fuel, and help you make memories which will last forever.

In many cases, [Option 2] is only possible years AFTER deciding against [Option 1]!

Of course we are not talking about the decision to buy Gucci leather jackets here, the choices involved in most people’s lives are different, but the end result is the same.

Should I buy a better car?
Should I buy a Starbucks coffee?
Should I go out for a meal in a restaurant?
Should I choose instant gratification, or resist immediate temptations in order to achieve a much more ambitious future goal?…

We made a conscious decision to stop wasting money years ago. We have been investing the money we have saved into simple money-making assets.

For example, we have been investing funds into Funding Circle, where over the last few years we have seen consistent annual growth of 7.2% net. By choosing the ISA option, the resulting interest is tax-free!

If you’re interested in Funding Circle, here is a special link: If you sign up and the T’s &C’s are met, both you and us get £50 in Amazon vouchers. (UK investors only).

As a result of the above, despite our normal backgrounds, we are now in a position (in our mid-thirties) where we can sail for several months per year, as well as spend time with our families in the UK and Italy.

We are doing this in a sustainable way. We haven’t cut ties with the land and we are not “sailing until the money runs out”, we are meticulously planning our finances to ensure we are living in a sustainable manner, both now and into the future.

We aim to share exactly how we transitioned to this way of life on our channel, so if you are interested in ‘Financial Freedom’, then subscribe and enable notifications so that you can be among the first to see this series of videos when they are released. One of the biggest driving forces behind our channel is our desire to help other people achieve their own goals in life.

⛵Sailing Britaly⛵ brings you the sailing shenanigans of Chris (British), Rossella (Italian), and baby Emma (Britalian!) Our mission is to help YOU achieve YOUR cruising dreams, while working for a better world.

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Fair winds!
Chris, Rossella & Emma 😊


Music: Consideration by Christian Mossuto
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