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37. Greek Island hopping on our sailboat | Sailing from Milos to Paros | Sailing the Cyclades | Sail

This week on Sailing Kawai we leave the stunning Island of Milos where we had spent some spectacular days in crystal clear waters and head further North East. The weather forecast is for consistent Southerlies so we head for the Greek Island of Sifnos. We spend a night in the idealic town of Vathy, where we enjoy a great anchorage and some beautiful views.

We continue sailing towards Paros where we plan to spend some days. Due to the Southerlies, we decide on an anchorage near Naoussa. The sail to Paros is relaxing with winds between 10 – 25 knots. The island is extremely quiet and it feels like we are the only people in the town (November). Naoussa is a typical Cycladic town, with beautiful white buildings, quaint alleyways and an enchanting atmosphere.

With the sailing season coming to an end there are few shops open. The cyclades are known to shut down after September so we manage to get a large provision in out of town and decide to sail to Mykonos.

About us:

Our names are Jason and Tracey and we traded our house, cars, business, job and security for freedom, adventure, travel and living simply amongst nature and the seas on our 45 foot Hanse 445 sailing boat, Kawai.

We don’t know exactly where the winds will take us at this stage but over the next year we hope to sail to Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia.

Jase loves making travel videos and we decided to upload to youtube to share our adventure. We really hope you enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment any time to chat or subscribe to follow along 🙂

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Jason and Tracey
Sailing Kawai



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