Luxury Yacht

Introducing The $4 Million Bugatti Super Yacht

Hyper car brand maker Bugatti, has recently decided to build themselves a brand new boat! They’ve teamed up with a legendary yacht maker, and created on the of fastest speed boats on the ocean!

Luxury car makers aren’t just selling fancy cars, they’re selling a lifestyle built around their fancy cars. The branding behind an exclusive car is often more profitable than selling a handful of million dollar exotics. Often these brands offer their name and design signature to other luxury products and lifestyle items. Some of these are accessible to the hoy polloi and sometimes those items are even more exclusive and expensive. That is especially true in the world of luxury boating. Yachts predate luxury sports cars as the symbol of success and excess. A yacht club membership sets you apart from the pedestrian rich and firmly in the category of astonishingly rich. It means you not only have boat money with boats being a notorious money sink, but you have large multi million dollar boat money that you’ll store in a fancy dock with the other bluest of bloods. It’s a floating monument to excess, the price of several houses for a vehicle that is used on rare weekends. The luxury yacht is the symbol of money, and the other symbol of money, the luxury sports car, wants to be associated with all things money. Names like Riva and Dynamiq might not be household names to the common rabble, but names like Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are recognizable. Now you can line your experience up, drive your Aventador to the yacht club and walk down the dock and get in your Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63. Get that unity of experience of stepping from your Chiron to a Bugatti Niniette and take on the high seas in the same way you take on the highway. Here are some of the car yacht tie ins in the same vein as the Bugatti Niniette.

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