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Inside The $400 Million Lurssen Flying Fox SuperYacht

Inside The $400 Million Lurssen Flying Fox SuperYacht

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Most of the time, people struggle to spot the difference between the rich and the wealthy. Well, for me, I like using a super-yacht as the separator. Yachts are built only for the ultra-wealthy; the rich can always buy supercars. The latest entrant to the already attractive list of water machines is the Flying Fox yacht rumored to have been commissioned for the wealthiest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos. Whether that is true or not, the next ten minutes or so will make you wish you had your bank account stuffed with dollar bills, let’s take a look at the new Lurssen Flying Fox SuperYacht. Hey, before we get into the video, be sure to enter our brand new giveaway, we’ll be giving away any of these items. To enter the giveaway, comment the secret keyword in the video, subscribe and turn on post notifications….Ooh and most importantly watch the whole video. It’s that simple!

When a name like Jeff Bezos is linked to a purchase, you can be damn sure it is something worth mentioning. I mean, this guy is worth a stupefying 183 billion dollars. And that’s not enough; he is the same guy responsible for making the recently declared wealthiest woman on earth, McKenzie Bezos, his ex-wife. But that aside, Bezos was rumored to have dished a wobbling 400 million dollars on a state-of-the-art floating paradise named Lurssen Flying Fox. However, representatives of the billionaire have come out to refute the claim, but that doesn’t change the fact that the yacht was actually built. So, what can close to half a billion dollars get you in a super boat?

Inside The $400 Million Lurssen Flying Fox SuperYacht

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