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Always wanted to sail the Med but you don’t know where to go? Then click here! GREECE IS THE ANSWER and we will tell you why we fell in love with this country as sailors and as people. The story is supported by amazing images of blue water anchorages, lovely little towns and beautiful sailing shots. Greece is the place to be for sailors for so many reasons. And after we sailed and lived in this fantastic country for 6 months, we figured we should really share with you the 8 reasons for why we love Greece and you should sail it.
Greece is the best sailing country in the Med, wether you are looking to on vacation in Greece or want become a live-aboard and live on your boat. Greece is the place to be for all sailors!

8 Reasons why you must sail Greece.


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We are a European couple from Germany (Alex) and the Netherlands (Mandy), sailing around the Med on our 36ft sailboat. Six months ago we started our journey in Greece with little sailing experience, figuring things out as we go, not really knowing what we’re doing. Our goal is to circumnavigate the world via the wind, always being surrounded by the ocean. Sailboat life is super different from land life and can be pretty rough at times. see the little things is the documentary of our endeavour of simplifying life, decelerating pace, and practicing mindfulness. Follow our adventures when you are curious to see how we mess up and fix it up again! We are currently still sailing Greece, but will head over to Italy and beyond soon.

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