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Schumacher 30 Sailboat Tour – "Liberty" EP14 #retroboat -#sailinganarchy Scot Tempesta

In this episode we cover yet another classic race boat here in San Diego. Sweet little boat with some very interesting features and we show how to get kelp off your rudder woohoo

From the owner Randy Ames
I have had Liberty for seven years. The boat was originally purchased by a SDYC member and was called “Wow”. The boat raced quite a bit here in the 80s.
The boat was moved to Santa Barbara in the 90s and competed there. The boat was called “Raptor” in those days. Like many old race boats, she fell into disrepair. The owner of the floating shipyard in Santa Barbara got the boat on a lien-sale and breathed new life into her. Santa Barbara is one of the only harbors I know with a floating dry-dock. San Diego has one for submarines on Ballast Point. The boat had the transom cut out and her forward hatch was upgraded to a round hatch which was better for spinnaker drops. The boat was repainted Americas Cup Blue with sable decks. Once the shipyard owner’s divorce was final, the boat was renamed “Liberty”.
After a cosmetic refit, the shipyard owner lost interest in the boat and let her fall into disrepair again. She was purchased late one night for a very small price, as the shipyard owner was leaving town reportedly in a hurry.
The new owner was a member of Santa Barbara Yacht Club. He lavished the boat with a complete of complement of new sails and high-tech rigging. The boat raced successfully in Santa Barbara for several years. The owner wanted to move up to a more challenging sport boat and put Liberty on the market.
I purchased the boat in 2013. During the time I have owned her, she has been constantly upgraded. The boat is actively campaigned and has placed in several major regattas.



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