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Where Our Sailing Journey Began!|Sailing Travel Vlog|E25

See WHERE our SAILING JOURNEY Began as a young family. As a young family we travel by sailboat, we finally make it back to Florida, where we first departed on our sailing journey. We visit some second-hand marine stores and search for sailboat parts for our many sailboat projects. We also search for fishing gear! We get the sailboat projects done and provision our sailboat to continue on our sailing journey as a family!
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We continue making our way down south. Today we’ll do 52 nautical miles and then tomorrow we’ll only be 63 nm away from Vero beach Florida, the place where our sailing journey began!

Being back at the marina where we first departed to embark on our sailing journey feels sureal. Now that we have access to land, its time to get boat parts we need for pending projects we have on Alma.

Our first stop is marine connection where we used to get a lot of our boat parts during our refit. They have so many items here, and we used to go here every week. Our goal is to find a chain plate so we can make Alma a cutter rig.

Sailorman is a second hand marine store its a place we would end up
On the weekends searching for the boat parts we needed to get our sailboat ready. We find ourselves here again, trying to find some fishing gear and just to take a loook around.

With our provisions done, and boat parts on hand, we are ready to continue moving on to our next destination.
Last time we were here , we started our sailing journey up north this time will be going down south to explore what this world has to offer!

Join us next Monday, where we sail off shore to the city where we found our sailboat Alma!

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